The Art Shanty Project is a non-profit organization of artists and supporters who want to give our artists an opportunity to show their craft in non-gallery settings. We make use of public spaces and explore ways on how to turn them into artistic environments. We have pooled all our resources together to make all our projects possible and we really appreciate the support that we have been getting from the public. Your support and admiration have been overwhelming. They push us to continue our projects to be able to reach more people and lead them to appreciate our arts and crafts in a different setting. However, to be able to do so, we need sponsors, partners, donors, and volunteers to keep our art shanties longer. Making our art shanties and keeping them longer take a lot of time and resources. We need funds for our materials and to sustain our operations. We appeal to all those who have the capacity and resources to help us in any way. We hear the public’s clamour to keep our art shanties longer but please help us to do so.

Those who want to volunteer for our projects can send us a message at helpinghands@artshanties.com. We will include you in our volunteer pool. We need ushers, guides, and logistics support.

Those who want to donate can send us an email at artfund@artshanties.com so that we can provide the bank account details. We can provide an official receipt for your donation that you can use for tax rebates and other incentives.
Those who want to partner with us or those who can sponsor our events can send us a message at partnersforart@artshanties.com.

We believe that through our mutual love for the arts, we can all work together to keep our art shanties longer and for more people to have access to our art form for the promotion of art appreciation.