Public spaces are for everyone. It should be a safe and friendly place for all kinds of people, from different walks of life. It should be a haven especially for the children, the elderly, and the differently abled. It should foster a fun and secure ambiance for the enjoyment of everyone. But how do we turn public spaces into fun spaces? We put art in them! Art livens up the surroundings. It inspires the people. It makes them use their imagination. That is why we have decided to set up our art shanties in public spaces. And we can all see the difference! As our artists explore different possibilities in designing our public spaces, we all benefit from it. Their concept of space and style is exceptional. We now have public spaces that are oozing with an artistic vibe and at the same time, provide a fun and secure environment for the people. This also paves the way for people to come together in one place. The art in public spaces is already one reason for them to go to these spots plus these artworks are conversation starters. People can talk about how it looks, what they think the artist wants to convey, and what it means to them. From there, their conversations can lead them to talk about other stuff and it could be the start of a beautiful friendship. Artists put so much of their time and effort in making our public spaces a relaxing and enjoyable setting for everyone. These public spaces now have evolving styles depending on the needs of the community. They can transform its look over time to give way to celebrations and important occasions while still maintaining the fun vibe in the atmosphere through their artwork. That is the beauty of having art in our public spaces and having our artists design our public spaces.


Art is a part of our culture. It should be given importance by the people. It is the expression of our creative ideas and imagination. It has different forms such as the visual arts, sculpture, music, literature, theater, films, and other ways that artists choose as a medium for their craft. The important thing is that they are able to put their imagination and ideas into something tangible – although these are subject to other people’s comprehension and appreciation. And when the members of a society continue to do this, there is a collective psyche of a particular period or generation. Art transcends time. It transcends the artist who was responsible in its creation. It shatters barriers and goes beyond them to be able to share its message and speak of its meaning. Art rises above language, class, religion, gender, and other factors that seem to divide the world. Art brings people together. It elicits different reactions and emotions but everyone can agree that it moves them to think, to feel, and to act. Art is there to remind us of the values that we uphold. It makes us realize that we may all come from different walks of life but there are some things that are undeniably common to all of us – like love, friendship, and freedom. It reminds us that there are more important things in life. It makes us realize the importance of pursuing our passion and expressing ourselves. At the end of the day, we can say that art makes us a better person – by making us think profoundly, by making us feel deeper, and by making us act and do something other than not doing anything at all. Salute to all our artists out there. Thank you for expressing what we do not have the words to say.