Do you ever get that feeling of being intimated by an artwork? Like going to an art exhibit or gallery makes you feel overwhelmed by all the art pieces around you? You want to touch an artwork but could not do so because it is prohibited by the management. It is as if going to the gallery is something that you just have to do because it was assigned to you by your arts and humanities professor. You grudgingly go to the exhibit and bitterly look at the pieces on display just to get it over and done with but in reality, you did not understand any of it. There is a disconnect between you and the artist. You feel as if he or she is unapproachable as if the artist’s work is imposing on you. Yeah, we understand. We also feel the same way most of the time. It makes us feel sad when people feel this way about art. Art is something to be enjoyed and appreciated. It should not feel like it is just another homework or assigned task to be done.

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That is why we came up with the Art Shanty Project. We want people to know more about the arts. We want people to discover their passion for this form of expression that has long been a part of our way of life. We want people to appreciate art for art’s sake. We want people to get to know the artists behind every artwork that they see. We want people to go out of their garage doors in Albuquerque and join us in celebration of the arts.

The Art Shanty Project is a non-profit organization of artists and supporters who want to give our artists an opportunity to show their craft in non-gallery settings. We know how intimidating galleries and exhibits can be that is why we are giving the artists and the public an opportunity to interact in a different setting. Our artists design their own shanties or little houses that would showcase their artworks. We make use of public spaces and explore ways on how to turn them into artistic environments. We put the art shanties on display in public spaces, creating a temporary community where artists and art enthusiasts gather together and just let art connect them with each other. People who go to our art shanty projects can meet the artists themselves, ask them questions about their craft, and let them show their appreciation for what they do. It is our hope to bring people together through art and spread the love for the arts. This can only be possible when people have a real understanding of the artist’s work, when there is a connection between the people and the art.

The Art Shanty Project invites all local artists to join us. We are open to musicians, writers, visual artists, sculptors, crafters, storytellers, dancers, actors, composers, thespians, and all those who find themselves expressing their thoughts and feelings in different media. You are all welcome to join our projects so that you can showcase your talents to the rest of our community.